Experience the
Introducing the Chroma Painting System.

Many Projects. One Solution.

Chroma Adjustable Handle
  • Universal handle adjusts to fit most roller covers up to 9 inches
  • Hands-free roller cover pick-up and release
  • Accepts standard extension pole
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Even distribution of paint, avoids deflection and roller stipple
Tray and Handle Set
  • One-handed carry provides use of second hand for stability and safety
  • Economical disposable tray liner
Corner Roller
  • Cut a room in minutes instead of hours
  • Paint siding, edges, corners, and more
Premium Roller Covers
  • 4”, 7”, 9” and corner roller covers are made with premium microfiber
  • Fits most standard roller covers

The Chroma Difference


No More Spills

Tray with Handle

Whether it's going up a ladder or navigating a room. The one-hand chroma tray and handle set ensures your tray is always close by when you need it, and makes painting easier and safer!

Easy Adjust Handle

4 inch to 9 inch Roller Covers

The Chroma adjustable handle is the ONLY handle you’ll ever need! Whether you’re changing paint color or roller size, we make it easy — without the mess! Fits most standard roller covers up to 9”.

No More Mess

Hands-free Ejection

With a simple twist of the collar, the Chroma adjustable handle releases almost any size cover, without touching the roller cover itself — preventing additional mess.

Paint Confidently

Click. Lock. Paint.

The feature-rich adjustable roller handle includes a roller cover lock, secruring the roller cover, providing a trouble-free painting experience.